Todd Begg is a knife-making legend with twenty years of experience turning slabs of steel into five-figure collectables. Begg's clients, ranging from eccentric billionaires to novice collectors, all seek out his talents for one-of-a-kind blades that combine art and function.

As demand for Todd's skills leads to a six-year backlog of orders, Todd recruits his brothers to help run the business, hoping that they will free him up to make even more custom knives. The only problem is that they know nothing about knife making! Oldest brother John was a drill sergeant in the army and worked in the oil and gas industry for 20 years, while goofball middle-child Mark is a former fashion model.

This dynamic team must overcome the trials and tribulations of starting a new company, managing a full-time staff of fledging machinists, selling knives at the most high profile knife shows in the country and living up to the flawless reputation Todd has built his career on. With big personalities and a knack for good humor, their antics provide non-stop laughs and an abundance of storylines.  If they don’t kill each other first, they stand to make a killing.